Binocular Microscope

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It has a heavy stand and an observation binocular head that is inclined at 450 and a rota table that is inclined at 360o and is assembled from the PRISMS that ensure accuracy in collimation for stain free observation. It also consists a adjustable inter pupillary, a revolving nice piece and a dipodic distance. In addition there is a fixed stage size of 140*125 mm and a precision co-axial and a mechanical stage that aids in X and Y movement upto 50*75 mm.

Technical Specifications: Only best quality objectives and eyepieces are supplied to provide finest performance. These are parafi scales and pre-centered with each microscope after the most stringent tests. Nicely Packed in Thermocol Box. Illumination: By LED lamp operated through built in solid state transformer with electronic regulator. Also Provide with Piano concave reflecting mirror attachment for day-light use.
Abbe N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm moving up and down by rack and pinion.
Objectives :4/5, lOX, 40/45X,(Sl) and loox(SL) 0.1.
Eye-Pieces: 1OXW.F.