POCT Devices & Bio Markers

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Comprehensive POCT markers for

  • Cardiovascular Diseases Bio-Markers
  • Infectious Diseases Bio-Markers
  • Drug of Abuse Test (DAT)
  • Cancer Bio-Markers Pregnancy Bio-Markers
Fluoro-Check™ & Nano-Checker 710 Automatic immunoassoy Analyzer
  • Large 10.1" Colored Touch Screen
  • A true point of care Quantitative testing solution
  • Principle of immunofluorescence
  • Proprietary image Photometry Technology
  • No calibration or maintenance required
  • Self-diagnostic and internal quality control checks
  • in-built Thermal Printer
  • A fully portable system works on battery/AC power
  • QC Controls, External Controls Available
  • Stores more than 10,000 test results
  • Support: All necessary Upgrades & Repairs through Remote Desktop Assistance
  • Weight: <1.7 Kg
POCT Measured Parameters
  • Nano Check AM1-1: hs cTni I cTnI (Cardiac Troponin 1)
  • Nano Check NT-proBNP
  • Nano Check (2-in-i) cTnl I NT-proBNP
  • Nano Check AM1-ili (3-in-i Test) CK-MBIcTn1/Myo
  • Nono Check AM1-1V (4-in-i Test) CK-MB/cTnl/Myo/NT-proBNP
  • Nano Check D - Dimer (Finger-Prick)
  • Nono Check PCT (WB/Finger-Prick)
  • Nono Check CRP (C Reactive Protein) (Finger-Prick)
  • Nano Check hs-CRP (High Sensitive - C Reactive Protein)
  • Nano Check PSA (Prostrate Specific Antigen Cancer Marker)
  • Nano Check DAT (Drug of Abuse Test – 10T/8T/6T)
Na nocheck Test Kit
  • Automatic Detection of Qualitative & Quantitative Point-of-Care-Test Result
  • Built-in Control in Each Panel
  • Quick & Accurate Fast Results within 10-15 mm
  • Shelf Life upto 24 Months
  • Storage: Room Temp.(2-30°C)
  • Sample : W.B./Plas ma/Serum/Urine
  • Pack : 20/25 Test To be launched:
  • Results transmitted to computers, via US/LAN to save effort for paperwork
  • Storage, Data Export through Pendrive/email & Direct Printout to a Local Printer